Some Security Considerations for Racking and Shelving Equipment in Hot Weather

In hot weather days, especially in hot summer, people should be alarmed in case of fire. The goods in the storage are usually highly-flammable in hot weather. Employers in charge of the storage should be alerted every minute. Companies that have warehouse storage deal with different kinds of products. Some of them may be quite safe but others might be very dangerous and highly-flammable.


Here are some fair warnings from the Nanjing Ironstone Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. and Pallet Rack Manufacturer thinks all storage racks and shelves users should bare them in mind. When the goods are flammable and combustible, the related matters and some security considerations are as following:

  1. When the highly-flammable liquids are carried by tank, the tank can not be fulfilled. There must be some air space in the tank, for about 5 percent of the whole tank space. Lots of people know that the liquids expand with heat and contract with cold. If the tank is fulfilled, the tank will explode when the liquids expand too much in hot weather.
  2. Employers must be warned to be careful when they carrying the goods on the racking and shelving products. They should be trained first if it is necessary and must behave exactly the way they are trained. Dress code should be followed strictly and necessary tools must be used.
  3. Different kinds of goods should not be messed up with each other. If they are messed up, it will be very hard to do the management job. Especially for the liquid goods, it could get much more dangerous than solid goods.
  4. Fire-fighting equipments should be fully prepared. The emergency exit and the ventilation window should be examined regularly, in case of emergency. The racking and shelving equipment should be examined regularly.
  5. In case of natural disaster happens some measures should be taken to prevent the goods as well as the Heavy Duty Shelving Unit from damaged. Lightning weather is the most seen weather which could damage the warehouse.
  6. Special attention should be paid when the racks and shelves are on transportation. Traffics should be invested before the transportation starts and dedicate arrangements should be in position too. As the saying goes, one can not be too careful. We should be alerted every minute to make sure that the transportation goes well.

The above information is coming form the Nanjing Ironstone Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.—a professional Storage Rack Manufacturer with strict production standard and advanced production skills. The Nanjing Ironstone Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. has been producing high quality products baring the notion of working for our client in mind for many years. We welcome new and old customers form all around the world. Contact us any time you like and we can ensure you that all our products including the pallet rack, shelving products, mezzanine flooring, cantilever rack, Pallet Racking Accessories, live storage rack and wire mesh products are of high quality and competitive price.

Some Security Considerations for Racking and Shelving Equipment in Hot Weather

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