The selection of the warehouse shelves

Shelves are storage equipments for storing goods and it plays an important role in the warehouse. With the increasing of the freight volume, except for high bearing capacity, Bulk Storage Racks also need to own more functions and can be automated and mechanized. The shelves investments make a considerable proportion in the total investments. Shelves need a large number of steels and still have an important effect on the operation pattern, so it is significant to select suitable and economic shelves. Under the conditions of remaining the shelves’ strength, stiffness and overall stability, manufacturers try to reduce the weight of the shelves, cut down the consumption of steel, and reduce the bearing capacity of warehouse shelves to meet the needs of the warehouse.


Before choosing the Foldable Stacker Racks, we need have a good understanding of the shelf system’s classification, functions, advantages and disadvantages. Then, under the understanding of the various shelves and its characteristics, you can select the shelves according to your demands. The followings are the steps of shelves selection:

  1. Buyers make requirements about the warehouse shelf system;
  2. Suppliers draw up plans and design the available shelf types;
  3. Suppliers evaluate the rationality and optimization of the plans;
  4. Quotation;
  5. Suppliers select the right one shelf plan;
  6. Two sides sign a contract;
  7. Designers design the shelves with detailed technical knowledge;
  8. Manufacturers put the warehouse shelves into mass production (prepare production materials, processing, surface treatment, packing, etc.);
  9. Suppliers install the shelves for the buyers;
  10. Buyers inspect and accept the shelves.

The requirements for Pallet Rack Wire Decking generally include the followings:

Warehouse plan;

Specifications, features and weight of the Unit (unit packaging) of the goods,

Specifications, Max dump height and bearing capacity of the per tray;

Access mod (hand access, mechanical access and automatic access) and access equipments;

Requirements of stocks;

Requirements about the frequency of cargo moving in and out;

Requirements of the management system;

Control way etc.

The selection of the warehouse shelves

The next iPhone could have a much better camera

Getting bigger, I see.


Apple’s next iPhone may come with the most powerful camera the smartphone has had yet.

The presumed upgrade to the iPhone will likely feature a 12-megapixel camera, up from the 8 megapixels it’s had since the iPhone 4S debuted in 2011, according to IHS China analyst Kevin Wong.

Megapixels are a measure of the detail a camera can capture — the more the better, usually. The number of them in the iPhone’s camera has been unchanged in recent years.

But the size of a megapixel also matters (a larger megapixel filters more light, which means better image resolution). Apple has increased their size starting with the iPhone 5S, which has improved the quality of images its camera takes.

Samsung, on the other hand, has upgraded its Galaxy S smartphones to 16 megapixels starting with the Galaxy S5 in April 2014.

Over the years, Apple [fortune-stock symbol=”AAPL”] has upgraded the iPhone’s…

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The next iPhone could have a much better camera

@POTUS: U.S. President Obama gets his own Twitter account

Wow, this is new…

Global News

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is embracing short-form communication. Twitter has a new @POTUS account.

For years, White House officials have used Twitter to communicate White House policy and occasional personal observations.

But Obama himself stayed out of the social media fray.

No longer.

With a frugal 91-character message – 49 short of maximum permitted – Obama on Monday declared: “Hello, Twitter! It’s Barack. Really! Six years in, they’re finally giving me my own account.”

The White House says the tweets on that account, President Of The United States, will come exclusively from the president.

The move is the latest by a White House particularly attuned to social media and new technology. But Twitter, with its ability to be anonymously interactive, is a new forum for the president…

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@POTUS: U.S. President Obama gets his own Twitter account

Shootout in Waco, Texas puts spotlight on motorcycle club culture

They must seen the FAST AND FURIES.

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: 170 people arrested after deadly biker fight in Waco, Texas. Aarti Pole reports.

Former undercover agent Jay Dobyns says people can be forgiven for thinking Sunday’s biker bloodbath in Waco, Texas, was a throwback to a bad 1970s movie.

The shootout — which killed nine people and wounded 18 — seemed aberrant because the public image of many motorcycle gangs has been burnished in recent years thanks to the many largely benign bike enthusiasts who’ve co-opted some of the same clothing and style.

“I think, as a society, and to a large extent even in law enforcement, we fall into the sense that these guys are these big, rough-looking teddy bears that do blood drives and toy runs and are harmless,” says Dobyns, who infiltrated the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. “These are people that have used the motorcycle culture as…

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Shootout in Waco, Texas puts spotlight on motorcycle club culture

Obama restricts military gear for police, says it can ‘alienate and intimidate’

It is a right move.l..

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: President Obama ends transfer of surplus military gear to U.S. police agencies

CAMDEN, N.J. – President Barack Obama ended long-running federal transfers of some combat-style gear to local law enforcement on Monday in an attempt to ease tensions between police and minority communities, saying equipment made for the battlefield should not be a tool of American criminal justice.

Grenade launchers, bayonets, tracked armoured vehicles, weaponized aircraft and vehicles, firearms and ammunition of .50-calibre or higher will no longer be provided to state and local police agencies by the federal government under Obama’s order.

READ MORE: Police’s military-like response to riots in Ferguson draws criticism

“We’ve seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like there’s an occupying force, as opposed to a force that’s part of the community that’s protecting them and serving them,” Obama said, nine months after an outcry over the use of riot gear…

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Obama restricts military gear for police, says it can ‘alienate and intimidate’

Fort Langley ‘oTENTik’ tents appeal to new generation of campers

What is going on….

Global News

WATCH: Fort Langley Historic Site offers camping opportunities for families

Parks Canada officials hope a new kind of camping shelter will draw more people into the great outdoors.

So-called “oTENTik” tents are available at camping sites like Fort Langley and are fitted with comfy mattresses, a table, fridge, dishes and utensils. There’s also electricity, a little heater and even Wi-Fi.

This will be the third season for the oTENTiks at the Fort Langley National Historic Site, and already most weekends through the summer are booked.

“I had 150 per cent higher booking rate on opening day than we did last year,” said Stephen Dicks of the Fort Langley Historic Site.

“It’s a great balance between the folks who want to go out camping and those who aren’t quite so familiar or comfortable with that activity. This kind of gives you the amenities of a cabin and the feeling…

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Fort Langley ‘oTENTik’ tents appeal to new generation of campers

The Bachelorette: 12 Most OMG! Moments From the Season 11 Premiere

I would like to see.


Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson — the two women vying to become The Bachelorette‘s titular single lady — have made it clear that they are very different people.

But they do have one thing in common: They both had to grin and bear it as 25 men delivered cheesy opening lines, presented odd gifts and, in one case, got too drunk to last a single night in the mansion on Monday’s Season 11 premiere.

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During the two-hour broadcast — in which the suitors chose whether they’d like to win Kaitlyn’s or Britt’s heart during the next few weeks — there was a veritable parade of awkward, uncomfortable and I-need-to-tweet-about-this-right-now moments, all of which we’ve compiled into a handy gallery.

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Oh, and forgive us for burying the lede: At…

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The Bachelorette: 12 Most OMG! Moments From the Season 11 Premiere